Olimpia T. Mascolo

Co-founder of Anfasic Dokhoon

As a child, she used to pick flowers to boil them, believing the concoctions were magic potions of happiness. Following her nose from Grasse to the Emirates, she co-founded Anfasic Dokhoon in 2007, a trendy brand inspired by Arabian incense. In 12 years she established Mohamed Hilal Group network of over 120 stores across the region focusing on attention to detail. Her obsession for Oud has evolved from product development to conservation initiatives to promote cultivated Agarwood and reforestation with the Aquilaria project. Her passion for training and education inspired the ‘Art of Perfumes’ workshop series, empowering women in local communities initiating them to entrepreneurship in the perfume industry. Her mission in life is to inspire through the language of scents, respecting humanity and nature.