CEO, Scent Corner

Christa Moreau grew up in France and graduated with a Master’s degree from ISIPCA, the renowned French school specializing in the Fragrance and Cosmetic industry. With almost 10 years of experience spanning roles in marketing, communication and evaluation for well- known beauty and fragrance brands, Christa worked in Paris, London, Berlin and Singapore before moving to Dubai, where she is currently based.

In 2011, Christa established her blog Scent Corner that has achieved great recognition in the fragrance blogosphere as a result of its innovative concept of exploring fragrances through travel. Over the years of extensive travels, she shares with her readers how scents can be a way to discover a new country and experience foreign cultures.

Christa always enjoyed searching the globe for the finest fragrant raw materials while being deeply inspired by the local populations, and felt their story should be available for the world to see. What started as a passion, which was balanced alongside her every-day job, soon led Christa to follow her heart and to pursue her project full-time.

These travels and encounters have had an indelible impact on how she has lived her life since and convinced her to become an advocate for sustainability in the fragrance and beauty industry. Today Christa is contributing with indie magazines as both a freelance writer and photographer, and lends her industry knowledge as a creative consultant to various clients around the world.